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Welcome to 3D Prototyping and 3D Scanning....

3D Prototyping is the one stop shop for design, prototyping, scanning and plastic moulding for Engineers, Architects, Manufacturers and Independent Designers wanting to convert their 3D CAD design into high definition precision models or prototypes.

3D Prototyping provides high quality, low cost rapid prototyping services utilising the latest SLA (Stereolithography), 3D Printing, Rapid CNC, Low volume moulding in vacuum casting and scanning technology, to get your products to market faster.

We offer same day quotes where your CAD design can be converted to a product and delivered to your door in a matter of days; reducing your costs considerably.

3D Prototyping invite you to talk to our experienced team for a free, no obligation discussion on how we can assist you in your 3D Printing, designing, rapid prototyping, scanning and plastic moulding requirements.

Request a quote or contact our team on 07 3262 9283.

The Objet Eden 350V, a Polyjet polymer based 3D printer and is the newest 3D Printer to the 3D Prototyping range of printers. With the only Eden 350V in a Rapid Prototyping service provider in Queensland; 3D Prototyping can now offer a wider range of materials and even greater accuracy in parts than any other company in Queensland. With a large build area of 350 x 350 x 200mm and a build layer of 16 microns; 3D Prototyping offers greater accuracy and detailed prototypes.

ObjetWith a broader range of materials available than any other 3D Printer in the world, we can now offer materials that are closer to ABS, Polypropylene, Poly Carbonate and rubber like materials which can be painted, drilled, machined together with being electro plated or vacuum metalised. For larger parts the materials are more than suitable for gluing together to form what ever sized prototype that you require.

NEW MATERIAL RELEASE JUNE 2014 - Endur offers both high impact resistance and elongation at break for an output of truly tough parts. The material (Endur) also has a heat-deflection temperature up to 54°C and has excellent dimensional stability for its class. The properties make the new material suitable for a wide range of form, fit and assembly applications, which include moving parts, assembled parts, snap fit parts (for example lids and packaging cases) and flexible moving hinges.  Endur, the new material - take advantage of its benefits today!

SLA also known as Stereolithography, provides the greatest accuracy with an excellent surface finish. Process works by curing liquid photopolymers when exposed to ultraviolet light. SLA is limited in its range of applicable materials but is still widely used for conceptual designs, Product verification, Pattern making, Form/Fit analysis and light functional testing.

Stereolithography process produces plastic parts directly from 3D CAD model; by solidifying the surface of a liquid photo polymer layer by layer with the help of a laser beam. When the laser beam hits the liquid, it solidifies the resin. When a layer is fully traced, the elevator is then lowered in the vat. The self-adhesive property of the material causes the layer to stick with each other and in this way a 3D part is formed in multi-layers.

So what ever your requirements are please feel free to contact our team on (07) 3262 9283 or complete the 'request a quote' form and we will have a quote emailed to you.

If you are looking for more functionality and structural testing of your prototypes we can now produce your prototypes in a range of materials to match the material specifications of your fully manufactured part. Having your prototype CNC in a range of material can often work out cheaper than an SLA or 3D Printed prototype. In order for us to quote and produce your prototype we would require either an IGES, STEP or X_T file.

A range of materials are now available including:

  • ABS: Widely used for functional applications. Surfaces can be metalised, chromed and vacuum metalised or painted.
  • Acrylic: Recommend for clear visual components. Surfaces can be dyed, plated, painted and silk screen printed.
  • Polypropylene (PP): Flexible material, ideally suited to impact tests.
  • Polycarbonate (PC): Has excellent strength, flexibility and transparency. Often used for lens/glass applications.
  • Nylon 6 and Nylon 66: Has good tensile strength and flexibility.
  • Glass filled Nylon (GF 15%) for high strength in load testing.


Other materials available on request.

3D Prototyping utilises the world's fastest 3D printing technology which produces high definition 3D components in colour. By Introducing coloured artwork, raised text, detailed mapping, part labelling or annotations to your design, our software will then print this directly to any surface of your prototype in stunning 600 x 540 DPI colour. With our 3D printing technology you can be assured of high quality and incredible detailed coloured prototypes or models, which you can then utilise to show potential customers your product months in advance of actual production to generate new sales before your product even hits the shelves.

By utilising the rapid prototyping services of 3D Prototyping you will see and feel the design in your hands in just a few hours, taking away ever increasing manufacturing costs. This will help overcome any design errors that may have occurred as well as assisting in taking your design to market faster, thus reducing costs considerably. At 3D Prototyping we can produce your prototype in full colour, enabling you to then utilise the finished prototype as a sales tool or purely as a demonstration model to get your design to your customers faster and at a lower cost.

With a multitude of end uses 3D Prototyping can produce prototypes or models, for design and fit evaluation, right the way through to patterns for investment and sand casting or to simply be used as a sales tool to establish your products in the market place sooner than your competitors.

At 3D Prototyping we have over 24 years experience in Engineering and Manufacturing and can assist you with your rapid prototyping requirements and getting your design to the market place faster. So what ever your requirements are please feel free to contact our team on (07) 3262 9283 or complete the request a quote form and we will have a quote emailed to you.


"A problem in the design phase costs $X"
"Fixing it in the prototyping stage costs $10X"
"Fixing it in the manufacturing phase costs $100X"
"Fixing it after product release costs $1000X"

As illustrated above, the design phase of a product has an overwhelming impact on its future. This is why we at 3D Prototyping consistently use a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach for every design project. Aspects such as tooling, manufacturing, ergonomics and marketing are taken into consideration from day one. This will ensure that your costs are significantly reduced from the outset whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and design optimization.

By considering tooling and manufacturing aspects in the early design phase, the manufacturability of a design is achieved. The manufacturability of the design ensures that manufacturing related activities such as fabrication of the mould, assembly and others are optimized.

With our design capabilities, multi-disciplinary approach and over 25 years experience in engineering and manufacturing, you will be assured of a quality and cost effective product design. Furthermore, with our own prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, you will be able to obtain professional advice from us, with regards to the prototyping, tooling and production of the design.

With the high cost of manufacturing a steel injection moulding tool, maybe uneconomical when a low number of parts are required. With our vacuum casting and silicone moulding facilities we are now able to offer you a cost effective way of producing 10 – 500 parts in a range of materials. In order for us to quote and produce your low volume parts we would require either an IGES, STEP or X_T file. Lead times are generally 2 weeks +.

A range of materials are now available including:

  • ABS: Widely used for functional applications. Surfaces can be metalised, chromed and vacuum metalised or painted.
  • Glass filled Nylon (GF 15%) for high strength in load testing.
  • Polypropylene, Polycarbonate and rubber in various shore hardnesses

Other materials available on request.




EinScan II, developed by SHINING 3D, is the first desktop and handheld dual-use 3D scanner in the world. With its smart and portable appearance, it meets the requirements of high accuracy at 0.02mm when scanning fixed and real-time 3D data capturing accuracy can reach 0.3mm. It is flexible and easy to use, and can be adopted in wide range of applications.

Desktop Tripod-fixed Scanning:

  • High accuracy, the highest accuracy can reach 0.02mm
  • Wide scanning range, it can finish the 3d data capturing for the objects within the range of 1.5m. (If larger than 1.5m, we recommend that it work with SHINING 3D Metric system, which can cover the measurement range from 0.1m*0.1m*0.1m to 50m*50m*50m.

Handheld real-time scanning:

  • Portable, fast
  • Fully automated scanning alignment without reference points, easy operation.





Suitable for scanning organic items including people, faces, hands and other body parts.  Small to medium physical items including plastic products, product components, cultural and creative products, animation dolls, toys etc

Scanning range

Handheld real-time scanning: <1300mm*1300mm
Tripod-fixed scanning: <1500mm*1500mm


Handheld real-time scanning: 0.3mm
Tripod-fixed scanning: highest at 0.02mm

Scanning the object size

Handheld real-time scanning: <1300mm*1300mm
Tripod-fixed scanning: <1500mm*1500mm

Average sample dot pitch


Single scanning time

Handheld real-time scanning: real time
Tripod-fixed scanning: 2S

Camera Resolution

1.31 mega pixel

Scanning Method

Green light, non-contact measurement

Splicing Method

Fully automatically alignment by reference points or manually alignment

Data output format



200 mm*150 mm*50mm



PC Operating System

Win7, 64 bits


$16,495 + Delivery



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3D Prototyping has recently developed the 3D Prototyping X1 low cost 3D Printer for the home hobbyist or industrial designer. Click here for more details.

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